June 14th-

Hey Gene,

Just out of curiosity, I clicked on the Kobra and the Lotus banner on your site and much to my surprise, I discovered a helluva band!! Quite frankly, I didn't expect something as heavy, but more something similar to the dozens of bands that you can hear on the radio everyday. Bands you immediately forget once you heard them!

Good call, signing them Gene! They truly are amazing and they might very well be the next big thing on the metal scene! In fact, I'm sure they WILL be the next big metal band! Their Iced Earth influences allied to their powerful singer can appeal as much to those who like high quality metal as to those who dig great female vocals!

Please keep us informed on their activities, and let me know what I could do in order to promote them here, in France. I'd sure like to see them live!

Until then, I'm going to buy their single on iTunes!

Keep on rockin', Gene! Can't wait for Monster!


June 12th-

May 31st-

Here is Simmons/Universal recording artist Kobra Paige, who writes the songs and fronts KOBRA & THE LOTUS. Their first album is coming out this summer.

Already on tour in Europe doing all the big festivals and playing alongside Metallica, Judas Priest and others.

This is the post in Metal Hammer magazine.


May 27th-

And it has begun. Kobra & The Lotus, Simmons/Universal band is getting huge buzz... currently opening for Judas Priest in England and playing the metal festivals...

May 23rd-

Simmons/Universal act, Kobra And The Lotus is currently being featured on the Vevo Canada homepage.

May 23rd-

Simmons/Universal act, Kobra And The Lotus have been voted into Classic Rock Magazines ‘Track Of The Week’ for ‘Forever One’.

May 21st-

Kiss’ Gene Simmons liked Kobra And The Lotus so much, he signed them to his label, Simmons Records. Come inside to find out if you agree with The Demon’s twisted tastebuds.

Track: Kobra And The Lotus – Forever One

For fans of: scary, pierced-lip, fist-pumping, headbanging frenzy (along with a smidgeon of Judas Priest-like pomposity)

Kobra And The Lotus – the five-piece Canadian group fronted by the mildly aggressive Kobra Paige – will release their debut, self-titled album for Simmons Records (via Spinefarm) on August 6.

Forever One, the lead single/video from the new album, will be released digitally on May 28 – and you can get a sneak preview below.

Trust us when we say it’s a classic heavy metal video – in the best possible hair-flailing, teeth-baring, standing-in-the-window-of-a-ruined-castle sense.

Kobra And The Lotus will be coming to the UK to guest with both Judas Priest and Guns N’ Roses in late May; they then appear at the Download Festival in June.

May 17th-

Simmons/Universal Records is proud to announce the signing of Kobra & The Lotus. There is more metal per square inch on their debut album, as the Gods in heaven can endure.

Led by Kobra Paige, who writes and performs the songs, this band will destroy all in its path.

Kobra & The Lotus are currently touring Europe, opening for the likes of Judas Priest and Guns N' Roses, as well as playing all the major Euro Festivals.

Keep your eyes peeled for this very important band.

Feb 19th-

Jan 17th-

The Envy responds to the 5 people 1 guitar video with a video of their own. Watch The Envy cover Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”, 1 guy... 5 Guitars!!

Jan 5th-

This year promises to be an exciting year in music with a scheduled return of Van Halen, a possible 50th anniversary tour from the Rolling Stones and a couple artists we’ve yet to meet. From international stars to breakout artists from Canada and around the world, here’s the RockStar Weekly Top 12 RockStars To Watch For In 2012:

2. The Envy Having signed with Simmons Records in 2011, Canadian rockers The Envy have teased fans with music from their upcoming debut album throughout the year and at gigs opening for KISS and Finger Eleven. The highly anticipated debut is currently being recorded in Los Angeles and should be released sometime this year

The Envy is the #2 Band To Watch... also on the list are the Rolling Stones #3, Rush #7 and Van Halen #4.

Dec 20th-

Today we received some good news from Gene Simmons. We are now heading to LA to record. Start spreading the word. New music from The Envy soon!


Nov 19th-

We’re on the interstates...

Oct 23rd-

We were just a part of the first ever KISS KRUIZE. We had an amazing time playing concerts in the middle of the ocean, and most of all hanging out with KISS fans from around the world. Here’s a video we made of some of the footage from the trip.


Shaun Frank

Oct 16th-

Thanks to one and all for a fantastic time. Mrs. Tweed Simmons came on the trip with me. And we had Simmons/Universal recording artists THE ENVY on, as well.

Thank you, Sixth Man (the promoters).

What a fantastic experience.

Carnival Luxury Lines
Oct 13-15th
3,000 Kiss Fans

Sept 2nd-

Here is a 4 month old singing The Envy's DON'T LET GO.

This is just the beginning.

4 month old singing Don’t Let Go

Aug 24th-

You may have noticed we do not post many new stories here.

And there's a reason.

Career development takes a very long time. We pride ourselves in working with an act as long as it takes to get it right. And that means a record will simply not come out until all the goods are there.

Each week, 140 new album releases come out.

Multiply that by 52 weeks a year.

And that doesn't count all the countries in the world, and THEIR local acts that also get released. Literally thousands of new album releases come out every year.

Out of those thousands, a select few will ever climb the ladder of success.

And IF they ever do become successful (and not just big in Ireland, or big in Canada...), there's no guarantee they will stay there. Every new album, every new tour, every new year means your fans will be there... or maybe they won't.

So we, here at Simmons/Universal have been working with THE ENVY for quite a while, and will continue to do so until we've got it right. We are committed. The ENVY is a great band and deserves to succeed on a worldwide stage.

We almost signed a number of other new artists, but things weren't quite right and so, we didn't. We liked Down With Webster. We liked Reema Major. We liked a few others. They eventually signed with another label, or another segment of Universal. And good luck to all of them.

For us, at Simmons/Universal to step up and give new artists a chance to open for the biggest artists on Earth, in front of the largest stadium crowds, also means an artist has to be special. And not just in Canada.

A new artist isn't in competition with Barenaked Ladies. They'll be in competition with U2 and the other big world bands.

We don't want our bands to become big Canadian bands.

We want our artists to become big Worldwide artists.

And for that to happen, the stakes are much higher.

So, until we have real news, these pages will only post real stories. No chatter. No gossip.

July 26th-

We are always busy at Simmons Records... taking care of business.

The Envy is in writing mode... writing a new batch of soon to be classics, we believe.

We ARE considering a new act we are excited about and until the deal is done, we will simply keep it to ourselves...

News forthcoming soon.

July 16th-

Wanted to take a moment to explain our self imposed mandate, here at Simmons/Universal Records.

We are committed to signing the next great generation of Canadian talent. We believe the world's next superstars are out there and they live in Canada. And, we intend on finding em.

We have so far, only signed THE ENVY. A band that has already opened for KISS on tour in Canada, America and Mexico. The first album will shortly be released worldwide.

The reason we have only signed one act is simple. Respectfully, the world is a big place and in order to compete on that plane, a new act must have extraordinary goods. Songs. Talent. Charisma. It's not enough to get big airplay at CHUM, though it's appreciated. Outside of Canada, people aren't aware what's happening there. And that means, any new act we are considering signing is going to have to compete with U2 and Metalica and Bon Jovi. It doesn't matter much unfortunately, if a new band competes well with Bare Naked Ladies. The stakes are much higher on a worldwide basis.

We ARE seriously considering two new acts ...and we are crazy about them.

One especially.

It features a helion up front. We will save name and other info until we actually sign them. But, we intend to make this band the next great stadium band.

And I know what I'm talking about.

I'm the guy who found Van Halen, and produced their first 15 song, 24 track demo.

So, you out there -- yes, you.!!! The ones who have the talent, the looks, the charisma... and you feel hopeless in a small town... or a big town. Send us your demos... Upper left hand, there's a box. Click on it. Send us your songs, your videos and your bio.

I personally listen to all of it.

And a word about our partners -- Belinda Stronach was the world's No. 2 female CEO, while she was at Magna. And Randy Lennox and the Universal team are on board and eager to help mount major campaigns for our acts. We look forward to hearing your demos.

June 9th-

Here's two more fans of THE ENVY, showing their love by getting tattoos!

May 25th-

Here's another diehard fan, who got THE ENVY logo inked onto her neck. Awesome!

May 13th-

If you live in Toronto, ON or Montreal, QC or in the area of these cities, come see an amazing show by The Envy. Concerts will be at Mod Club & Underworld in Toronto & Montreal, respectively.

TICKETS now on SALE for the shows right now!. These venues aren't huge, so get your tickets fast before it sells out! VIP Ticketing options available - head over to http://www.crowdsurge.com/theenvy/ to get yours!

In the mean time, the guys from The Envy will be holding another one of their live chats May 21st at 5:00 pm. Get to know more about them, come and ask them questions!

May 9th-

Here is another dyed in the wool ENVY fan.

Check it out!


Shaun Frank

May 6th-

Alright, Toronto news first! We've joined forces with LivemusicTO to throw our very first proper headlining show in Toronto. This will likely be our only Toronto date this summer, so we've got some big things planned for it! June 10th at The Mod Club.

Tickets are going on sale shortly, check back soon for details... Who's stoked?


Shaun Frank

April 23rd-

April 21st-

Many musicians spend their entire careers waiting for an opportunity to shine. Waiting to be noticed by the right people. For Torontonian rockers The Envy, it must seem like they've been touched by the hand of destiny. How could it not with a powerful patron like famed rocker and newly minted record producer Gene Simmons in their corner. According to lead singer Shaun Franks having Simmons on their side opens doors that would otherwise be firmly closed for a relatively unknown band who haven't even released their first album yet. “He's able to make the big calls. He's able to put us in touch with amazing people. You know, people take that guy seriously.” Simmons, widely known as a master of marketing and self promotion, has also given the band much needed exposure. Almost immediately after signing to Simmons' label The Envy were opening for KISS on tour. Soon after that they were touring with Canadian hard rock notables Finger Eleven. Simmons even managed to score Shaun Frank an appearance on the Fox Business channel.

But being the first act signed to Simmons Records comes with its own challenges. “He is definitely not shy to tell us his opinions” says Frank “there's been times when he's fought us on something and we've fought back and we've chosen to do it our way.” However Simmons knows better than to try to be too controlling. Obviously it is the band's own creative sensibilities and musical style which caught his eye in the first place. “He lets us do our thing. Which is really nice. It's not a dictatorship like a lot of people probably think. It's much more of a democracy and we all have great creative discussions and it's a very good collaborative relationship.” And don't think for one second that their relationship with Simmons has been an instant ticket to a glamourous, jet-setting rock star lifestyle. During The Envy's tour with KISS, while the headliners enjoyed fancy tour buses and five star hotels, the band had to find their own accommodations: a run down old school bus which the band has retro-fitted with a sleeping area. Not that a big of a step up from their pre-Simmons Records days when they toured Canada extensively in a troublesome van.


April 18th-

On a day off on tour, we stopped into the beautiful Garden Of The Gods in Colorado Springs. While we were there we filmed an acoustic video for Fingers Crossed...


April 12th-

Hey guys, look at what we just found... A band in Poland did a cover of our song "Don't Let Go"!!

Check it out, it's the first time someone from across the pond has covered one of our songs!

April 1st-

Mar 30th-

Want to chat with Void and Shaun about The Envy's songs and what went into recording them? Join them in their basement studio live on Live Stream, Sunday April 3rd, at 7pm and get to know them better and get a chance to hear their new music.

Go to this link to chat: http://on.fb.me/ieeQdR

Mar 30th-

Mar 20th-

Thought I send around our newest fan's permanent commitment to The Envy. Kris Mason's new tattoo.


Shaun Frank

Mar 19th-

This was sent to us by a fan in Saskatoon. er name is Mandy Mason.

Mar 18th-

Simmons Records Video Diary
Entry #62842
By Mark Spicoluk

The whole Simmons Records/Universal team covered the entire city in three days. The fabulous and illustrious Drew Minns shot every minute of it and put this lovely video together. We met so many great people and bands, so a big shout out to them all.

Until next time....

Mar 15th-

Hey there,

Shaun here, we just got home after two great months on tour!

We wanted to take the time to thank you all for coming to our shows, and hanging out with us afterwards at the merch table. We hope you all had as good as a time as we did during these two tours.

We'd love to hear you share some of your stories & photos from either the Finger11 tour or Wintour 2011 on our Facebook page: www.TheEnvyMusic.com/Facebook

We're stoked to have met you all, and we really look forward to seeing you all again next time we're on the road. In the meantime, keep checking out our video and voting for Don't Let Go, so you can see us on tv more!! We've got much more news coming your way soon!


Shaun Frank

Feb 21th-


Shaun from The Envy here... just wanted to drop you a quick note on what the band has been up to. We just finished an amazing tour Cross-Canada alongside Finger Eleven, it was great playing with such an amazing band, we can't thank those guys enough for bringing us out on tour! Just as that tour was ending we got the news that we'll be heading across canada one more time starting in Vancouver on Feb 25th, The official tour dates have already been posted on our Facebook bandpage at www.TheEnvyMusic.com/Facebook. Tickets have been on sale for a couple of weeks and they are selling really fast so get them while you still can!

We also wanted to tell you guys that our official video for Don't Let Go came out just under a month ago. We're number 25 on the Much Music countdown this week. So call in and request us, help us get to #1!!... and speaking of number 1, thanks to having the best fans in the world, we've made it to number 1 on the Much More Music Countdown on more than one occasion, totally based on your requests and votes..

We know you guys have been patiently waiting for our album, (it's coming really soon, we promise) so in the meantime, we are offering a 3 song EP. If you get a chance, go grab the EP on iTunes, http://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/the-envy/id306930464 and if you could leave us some feedback on there while you're at it, that would be amazing!

Stay tunes for more news & keep requesting us!


Shaun Frank

Feb 14th-

Simmons Records Street Diary
Episode #86273
By Mark Spicoluk

So last week the WHOLE team of of us spent four days rolling around clubs and bars in toronto, looking for the next band for the Simmons Records Family. The Horseshoe Tavern, The Sound Academy, Cherry Beach Rehersal Studios, Cherry Colas... From the smallest to the biggest we tried to leave no stone unturned. And we met some great people along the way. Big shout outs to the young and talented Courage My Love, Inner City Elegance, and 11 past 1... Its great to see youth on stage giving it their all. :)

From all the hoopla some bands sparkled brightly and others did not. But if they were open to it myself, Gene, and the team had lots of advice and discussion to engage. It was great.

So we continue on now and call out to the future stars of music and artistry to reach out to us here and challenge us to see it in you. If you have it we can bring it out. If we don’t see it in you, we wont always be gentle but we will always be honest. And that’s a rarity in this business sometimes.

Until Gene’s next trip up here we are watching our emails and the internet buzz like hawks... And out in the clubs on our own. But once Gene is in town again, well... We will hit the clubs again and crawl the trenches to find you.

Feb 13th-

As we finish our Canadian tour with Finger 11, we really want to thank all the new and old friends and fans we saw at all the shows on this tour. We especially want to thank all of you have been Inking your bodies with our logos! We really didn’t expect to see this many The Envy tattoo’s so early in our career. Seriously amazing!

Can’t thank you enough for your dedication to what we do!

Here’s a photo of Alyssa Dupont who got some of the words to Don’t Let Go tattoo’d on her shoulder. Enjoy! And send us YOUR The Envy Tattoo photos!

Feb 10th-

Feb 9th-

Following the exclusive webseries that ran in December/January, Sympatico have now released the Hook interview filmed with Shaun and Gene.


Feb 3rd-

Simmons/Universal continues to actively look for the next generation of Canadian superstars -- and we intend on taking them to the world. Translation: worldwide release of their record and worldwide tours.

A special congratulations to our first signing, THE ENVY. They are now #1 on the Much Music Video charts. This is important because the viewing fans voted them in. And we couldn't be more proud.

The Envy will have it's American release on Republic/Universal and in Mexico, Central America, and South America on UMG (Universal Music Group).

We were recently in Toronto as Keynote Speaker at Adweek Conference. And we had some time to go see some terrific, new Canadian talent.

We saw:

BIRTHDAY MASSACRE - who remind us of Evanescence... solid songs... good vibe.

COURAGE MY LOVE - a terrific trio of young, pop/punk players. Great vibe. Great hooks.

Also in the wings, being developed are CURE GRAVITY, who are in the writing process. We will see how this develops.

Jan 24th-

We are proud to show you SIMMONS/UNIVERSAL RECORDS first act, THE ENVY.

Check out TheEnvyMusic.com

Jan 19th-

This Friday January 21 – The Envy will be performing on the new MuchMusic show called New.Music.Live between 5 and 6pm ET in Toronto.

Want to go? Call the following number for audience tickets: 416-870-6824 or fill out the audience form in this link -


Or else be sure to tune in your TV to MuchMusic between 5 and 6pm ET to watch!


Simmons Records is dedicated to finding and promoting Canadian musical artists. As a huge music fan and proud Canadian, I am thrilled to be a partner in Simmons Records and working with Gene and Randy Lennox at Universal to help Canadian musicians get discovered. I am constantly blown away by the musical talent in this country and look forward to Simmons Records shining a spotlight on the great Canadian artists of the future.

Hello, everyone

My name is Kristy, and I'm the Webmistress here at SimmonsRecords.com....


Attention Demo Submitters

Hey..... you..... yes you. Who else would i be talking to? If you have tried to submit a demo via an email message that goes something like: "Hey! i have this band you are going to love, let me know if you want me to send a demo" then please keep reading. For those that kindly follow the instructions, you may be on your merry way, and thank you.

You're not following the instructions (read above for instructions)

We appreciate you taking the time to email in, but, if you dont follow the instructions (and a lot of you have not)... then you lose. Asking us if we want to see your demo is a bit silly you see, we've quite clearly told you (above) that we want your demos.

We will not chase after you. Nor will we do your job for you. If you are serious about your career, then you will force feed your demo to us, not ask us if we want it.